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Compare Your Debt Relief Options

Every person has their own story. So, it’s important to do your research and think about your options for debt consolidation and getting out of debt.

Our debt relief firm is aware that not every sort of debt consolidation is a good option for everyone because every person’s financial situation is unique. We work with you to understand your goals and finances in order to deliver a solution that is specifically designed for you. We want you to know that the entire debt settlement process will be conducted with your best interests in mind. Financial hardship affects many Americans as a result of unforeseen medical costs, missed salaries, and other circumstances. Debt Relief Firm can develop a strategy to assist you pay off your unsecured debt in a few years, regardless of how much of it you have.

The United States now has more consumer debt than $14.9 trillion. The average American family has $5,315 in credit card debt as of 2021, however individual families may have sums that are either greater or lower. Because of this, our debt relief company takes great pride in its ability to develop suitable-sized debt consolidation plans that consider your unique scenario. Call us for a free consultation! Before explaining how our program works, one of our Certified Debt Specialists takes the time to get to know you and your financial situation. The monthly payment amounts will then be customized by you and your partner depending on your goals, the total amount of your enrolled debt, and your spending plan. The process then continues as follows:

1. Open a savings account.

The Debt Relief Firm's debt relief program is ideal for people who are fed up with wasting money and want to pay off their debts swiftly. After signing up, the first thing you should do is start a separate savings account. Your monthly payments will be made to this account. The money that accumulates in this account will be utilized to pay your creditors after we have negotiated with them to reduce their outstanding obligations. You set up this account in your name, and you are in complete control of it.

2. STOP using your cards!

You must stop using the cards and accounts that have signed up for the debt relief program for this program to function. This is necessary. Additionally, we manage all correspondence regarding your accounts with your creditors. Please make sure you transmit any correspondence they send directly to us if they do!

3. Let us negotiate for you.

Then, with the goal of accelerating your savings and debt repayment, our seasoned debt settlement negotiators attempt to get reductions. With the money in your savings account, they will devise a plan to decide which of your accounts to handle first. Excellent negotiating abilities are essential for a reputable debt reduction business. A good settlement is made possible by effective bargaining. Fortunately, Citizen's Debt Relief keeps the best debt settlement experts around!

4. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

We will have completed the voyage when we have obtained, you have accepted, and we have sent payment on a fair bargaining offer with each of your creditors. We can start repaying your debts after your bids are accepted. Keep in mind that your payments are made from the initial special purpose savings accounts that were set up for you. No other out-of-pocket costs aside from your lone monthly payment. The process is repeated for each enrolled debt until all of your debts are eliminated once we negotiate and start paying down the first account.

5. Graduation Day

Obtaining a debt balance of zero and starting again is the goal of Citizens Debt Relief's reduction program.

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