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Debt Resolution

You collaborate with a business to make regular contributions to a personal savings account. The business negotiates a lower payment with your creditors. From the account you deposited the money into, that sum is thereafter paid to the creditors up until the debt is settled.


Each of our clients, who come from various backgrounds and pose different challenges, is different. Citizens Debt Relief has vast experience in negotiating all kinds of unsecured debt, even though we specialize in credit card debt. We guarantee that the strategy you choose will work for your unique circumstances and debt-reduction requirements.


Respect is the most important thing to us because we are a firm that assists people in getting out of debt. Every client's finances are handled by us as if they were our own. This level of dedication is evident in how we interact with lenders and how we don't impose any upfront fees. Every client who visits Citizens has a unique set of issues. At Citizens, we never pass judgment on you or your financial position, regardless of whether you recently divorced, lost a loved one, or incurred debt as a result of the recent epidemic.


We keep you informed from the very beginning of your debt reduction program, which sets our financial solutions apart from other debt relief services. This means that from the time you sign up until the time you make your first payment against your total debt, you will be fully aware of everything our debt reduction specialists undertake. At Citizens Debt Relief, we serve your interests as the client.


As a company that provides debt relief services, we take pride in treating our customers fairly and achieving success. We won't let unsecured debt collectors or unmanageable credit card payments control your life.

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About Our Company

“Debt Relief Firm” was established with the goal of providing each client with the individualized attention they deserve. The Citizens Solution could be of assistance to you if you are having trouble keeping your credit card balances low or are having trouble making the minimum payments on your debt. To find out which debt relief solutions are appropriate for your circumstance, give the experts a call now and talk over your options with one of our licensed debt consultants.

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Minimum Payments

The majority of people use this route. You make the minimal payments specified on your statements each month instead of settling your balance in full. The most expensive and labor-intensive approach is this one. Without making any extra purchases, making minimum payments merely results in your debt growing. Every month that your balance is not paid off, compound interest is applied. This approach might allow you to stay "current" on your payments, but it is very unlikely to lead to debt relief.

Home Equity Line / Refinance

Working with a mortgage lender is necessary for this kind of debt relief. You can remortgage or get a second mortgage as a borrower. In addition to the mortgage balance, this increases the borrower's cash availability. Then you would use that money to pay off debt, whether it be a credit card bill or debt to other lenders. Only if you own your home is this option practical. The amount of equity you have in your house will be impacted if you choose this course of action.

Credit Counseling

When possible, a credit counselor negotiates lower interest rates with your creditors after examining your financial condition. They then put in place a structured payment schedule for you to adhere to, allowing you to try to reduce the amount of interest paid on your outstanding debt. In order to maintain your financial freedom after you have finished your Credit Counseling program, credit counselors can offer insightful advice about your personal financial practices. By doing this, you can avoid going back to your old financial habits and building up more significant debt.

Debt Resolution

You obtain a single loan to settle several debts. This loan can have an interest rate that is lower than your debts'. As long as the loan is outstanding, you make fixed monthly installments.